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    Evelina Children's Hospital


    A highly functional yet child-friendly hospital building

    Location:London, United Kingdom
    Size:16,500 m²
    Client:Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
    Awards:Civic Trust Award;
    RIBA Regional Award;
    RIBA National Award;
    Building Better Healthcare Awards: Best NHS Hospital Design;
    Stirling Prize: People's Choice;
    British Construction Industry Awards: Judges' Special Award.

    Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust asked us to design a state-of-the-art facility for children that didn’t look or feel like a hospital - the result was Evelina Children’s Hospital. Every aspect of the design has been considered from the child’s viewpoint to create a non-institutional healthcare environment which is functional, yet reassuring, cheerful and bright.

    Breaking with the tradition of long corridors, we designed a simple section of two long blocks flanking a central concourse which rises the full height of the building. The closely linked lower three levels have the most intensively serviced functions; operating theatres, imaging equipment and outpatient departments. Above, the northerly block has three floors of wards, while the southerly block transforms into a spacious and airy four-storey conservatory under a giant curving roof.

    The conservatory is high enough for views into Lambeth Palace garden, and large enough for a café and waiting area, as well as providing space for activities. Along one side it is overlooked by in-patient bed areas.

    A solar collector in winter, and naturally ventilated by stack effect in summer, the conservatory aids the servicing strategy of the building as well as offering relief from hospital routine and treatment.

    Wards are reached by two scarlet lift towers rising up within the conservatory. At each bed bay customised fold-down elements include a bed for a relative staying overnight.

    A child-friendly environment, proven to aid recovery and rehabilitation, features signage inspired by the colours and symbols of the natural world and a range of site specific artworks commissioned to make children of all ages feel welcome. Children were consulted and often actively involved in the creative process which resulted in paintings, mosaics, poetry and even a helter skelter!

    “It is a wonderful place, if hospitals are allowed such distinctions. And the building itself has brought me comfort.”

    Parent of a child staying in Evelina