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    Haberdashers' Hall


    New headquarters for the historic livery company inspired by Renaissance courtyards and cloisters

    Location:London, United Kingdom
    Size:4,100 m²
    Client:The Haberdashers' Company
    Awards:The Wood Awards: Highly Commended;
    The Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers: Triennial Award;
    The Company of Chartered Architects with City Heritage Society New Building Award.

    Designed for the 650-year-old Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, Haberdashers' Hall redevelops a landlocked site close to London’s Smithfield Market. The resulting courtyard precinct provides a sequence of new formal spaces for the livery company, hidden from the busy surrounding streets.

    The headquarters is entered via a passageway under a grand former warehouse. This leads to a 20m x 20m courtyard surrounded on three sides by a new two-storey building topped by a lead panelled roof. A brick-piered loggia forms an eight bay, ground floor colonnade, with an orangery on the fourth side of the courtyard. Behind the loggia, offices and support spaces for the Company's activities are located on the ground floor, with a ceremonial spiral stair in the corner of the colonnade leading to the guild's principal formal accommodation on the upper level.

    A sequence of vestibules and galleries lead past committee, court and luncheon rooms on a processional route that culminates in the guild's Livery Hall - a contemporary interpretation of a medieval banqueting hall. Here, the diagonal grid of the hall's oak and stainless steel ceiling provides a fitting climax to the route. Throughout the formal spaces, finely detailed stainless steel and North American white oak panelling enhance the expressed brick and concrete structure.

    The livery hall can be arranged in various configurations to seat up to 200 people, including formal guild dinners. More informal hospitality space is provided in the courtyard, which can be used to host summer receptions.