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    Buckingham Palace Ticket Office


    Demountable ticketing pavilion serving the Palace’s summer visitors

    Location:London, United Kingdom
    Size:50 m²
    Client:Royal Collection Enterprises

    Located at the edge of Green Park facing the Queen Victoria Memorial, the Buckingham Palace Ticket Office catered for the 250,000 or so visitors to the royal palace each summer.

    The 15m long enclosed cabin was fully demountable, arriving in a lorry as a finely crafted kit of parts that are bolted together on site for the duration of the summer visiting season. It was built like a boat, with plywood ribs and a skin of horizontal cedar boarding finished with yacht varnish. The corners were rounded with carved quadrant spheres to create a smooth, continuous envelope.

    The cabin was topped with an acrylic canvas canopy, which gave protection from the elements to those being served at the ticket windows. The cabin provided lateral stability while the laminated masts and struts tension the fabric with steel guys that tied the ends of the masts to the ground.

    The pavilion took its very gently curving geometry from the radius of the nearby memorial. It contained six sales points and a small office.