A renowned Greek construction company wanted a new headquarters that would exemplify their high standards for design and construction. They owned a triangular-shaped site located between two diverging roads in central Athens.

Our design features office accommodation arranged in two wings on either side of an open central courtyard, where the environmental conditions are easier to control than on the busy surrounding streets. Open windows and walkways connect the two wings. The whole courtyard space is a tempered environment, which is shaded in the summer and protected from the cold winds in winter. The staff restaurant is positioned on a overlooking mezzanine level. The circulation and service cores are at the narrow end of the site.

The elevations respond to Athens' strong, bright sun. The two external elevations face towards low angled sun to the east or west so the window areas are small. The remaining solid areas are infilled with stainless steel panels. Inside these are bookcase and filing zones, to create a thermal buffer. The only sunlight, which enters the working areas, is reflected and shaded to prevent glare.

A controlled palette of carefully crafted components and materials - stainless steel, concrete and timber was used. The only luxury material was the use of white Greek marble to the floor of the central courtyard atrium, to contrast with the exposed timber shuttered concrete surfaces elsewhere in the building.


  • Location Athens, Greece
  • Value £4 million
  • Size 11,000 m²
  • Client GEK Construction
  • Year 2003

Selected Awards

  • RIBA Regional Award