Hopkins' first energy plant was constructed on the Channel Island of Jersey. The facility handles all of the island's waste-for-incineration with state-of-the-art flue gas cleaning systems, to reduce emissions to European standards, producing up to 10 megawatts of power.

Located close to the island's capital, St Helier, the project shares a chimney with the existing Jersey Electric Company power station. A building of this scale is highly visible and therefore required an aesthetic appropriate to its site and use. It needed to have a nobility of grandeur in the vein of the best industrial buildings.

Working for the States of Jersey Transport and Technical Services, we worked with the process engineers to densify the plant and arrange it so as to achieve a reduced building footprint of nominally 80m x 36m, with the whole of the waste-to-energy process undertaken in a linear fashion within a single cuboid enclosure. The eaves height of the building needed to be approximately 32m above ground level, so we exposed the structural depth of the roof trusses above the roof to provide articulation to the many long views of the building, without adding to the perceived bulk of the plant 'container'. This is a strategy that we had previously used for the fly tower of Glyndebourne Opera House in Sussex.

The gable ends to the enclosure are glazed. Apart from improving the internal environment of the plant with better daylighting, this reduced the perceived bulk of the building by articulating a thickness to the roof and walls of its enclosure, revealing it as an extruded cloche to the industrial plant process within. The metal profile cladding to the long sides of the cuboid extrusion was selected to fall within a clearly industrial palette of materials for the building, and to achieve the perception of a hierarchy of scales as one approaches the building from a long view to a closer one.


  • Location Jersey, United Kingdom
  • Value £120 million (total project cost)
  • Size 3,000 m²
  • Client States of Jersey Transport & Technical Services
  • Year 2011

Selected Awards

  • Structural Steel Design Award: Commendation