Eton College have asked Hopkins to refurbish and improve their historic School Hall. The hall was built in 1908 in commemoration of the Boer War and was originally used for assemblies and school functions. The project comprises the upgrade of the hall to provide a world-class music and performance space for the College.

The works provide the opportunity to improve the hall by offering new raked seating that can be stored below the floor and allow the hall to be reinstated as a flat floor venue.

Improvements have also been made to the room acoustics with increased absorption, plus a new acoustic array at high level and acoustic reflectors to the hall perimeter to better focus the sound upon the audience.  

New lighting and environmental systems are required because the hall currently struggles to adapt to the changing uses that occur throughout the day. Fundamental to all of this work will be the preservation of the original hall with all of its important historic features.


  • Location Windsor, United Kingdom
  • Client Eton College
  • Year 2022

Project team