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Hackney Council Opens New Customer Service Centre April 6, 2010

Hackney Council have recently opened their new Customer Service Centre to consolidate their public-facing functions and over 1,000 staff onto one site.

At the heart of this new building is a five-storey atrium, which will become a new public space for the people of the Borough.  This is primarily a community building with a new One Stop Shop, which is completely accessible and open to all.  Many functions, which historically in civic buildings have been concealed from public view are drawn out and made visible to all. Through the glazed entrance façade the workings of the Council can be clearly seen, echoing the Councils aspirations for transparent democracy in local government.

The building services specification achieves BREEAM 'Excellent' through a combination of efficient façade/environmental control, gas and wood pellet boilers, together with photo-voltaic cells.