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Construction Begins at ‘Fossil Rock’, Jebel Buhais, UAE March 7, 2018

Construction of a new Geological Museum has commenced at the recently established Nature Reserve of Jebel Al-Buhais. Consisting of an Arrivals Area, Visitor Centre and Geological Trail; Hopkins Architects' proposal employs a number of pre-fabricated pod structures to accommodate Exhibition Areas, Immersive Theatre, Café and Visitor Facilities. A mostly pre-fabricated structure was developed to both minimise disruption to the local fauna, geology & archaeological sites, whilst achieving a tight construction programme. Hopkins Architects' worked closely with Ralph Appelbaum Associates on the design of the geological exhibitions, which included integrating 30 tons of geological exhibits.


The project is the first of two new Visitor Centres for Sharjah's Environment and Protected Areas Authority. Its associated project, The Al Qurum Turtle Sanctuary is due to start on site towards the end of 2018.