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Works commence at Colby College, Maine October 24, 2017

Site works commence at Colby College in Maine, including excavation and earthmoving, with the topsoil being retained and stored for re-use in the future landscaping works.


The practice won the project back in Autumn 2015 through a competition. The scheme comprises a new Athletic Center that unites and replaces the existing sports facilities, which were constructed between 1948 and 1993, and helps to reinforce a strong sense of community within the College.


The project is part of a larger College effort to improve the competitiveness of intercollegiate athletics, promote and encourage a healthy Campus, and deepen its connection to the local community and state through athletics and recreation. This major new addition to the Campus will create a new gateway that provides both indoor and outdoor athletic facilities that, together form a new athletics Masterplan at Colby.


Further information on this project is available here.