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Tom Wheare Music School wins Wood Award November 10, 2015

The Tom Wheare Music School at Bryanston School has been selected as the winner of the Interiors category at this year's Wood Awards ceremony. The new building faces a quadrangle and has been constructed of brick and wood to establish a visual dialogue with nearby buildings. The new building is located adjacent to the school’s historic Grade I-listed Main School Building and offers improved connections and visibility to the campus. The design responds to the richly varied context by arranging a series of intimate linked buildings with pitched roofs around an open central courtyard.


Timber is a prominent feature in the 300-seat Auditorium where it is used on most exposed surfaces to create a warm, inviting and acoustically appropriate environment. Here, American white oak flooring, wall and ceiling panels join with specially designed oak acoustic panels (backed with sound-absorptive material) that can be individually adjusted to improve acoustic performance in the space. Spruce glulam timber beams support the roof. The fixed seating is timber backed.


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