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ICE London Civil Engineering Awards Honour the Velodrome March 8, 2011

The London 2012 Velodrome received an ICE Building Award last week.  

"The venue incorporates a number of innovations including the uniquely designed cable net roof which saved 1,000 tonnes of steel and cut £4 million from construction costs. With 35% less embodied energy than the next best comparable venue in the world and impressive resource and energy efficiency credentials the Velodrome sets new industry standards for sustainable construction." 

Judge Andrew McNaughton said:

"The result is a building that captures the innovative spirit of the team. The determination to challenge established principles has delivered a novel use of a cable net roof. This, combined with the use of natural light, has delivered a lightweight durable and sustainable structure.  This alone would be a fitting legacy. Add to this a level of teamwork that worked to adopt new methods and materials, completing within budget and ahead of time, makes this a worthy winner."