University of East London: Stratford Library
2013 Concrete Society Awards, Certificate of Excellence, Education Building Category
University of Nottingham: Engineering and Science Learning Centre
2012 RIBA Regional Award
University of Nottingham: Jubilee Campus
2005 RICS East Midlands: Silver Award for Sustainability
2002 Energy Globe Award
2002 Civic Trust Awards: Special Award for Sustainability
2001 RIBA Regional Award
2001 RIBA Journal: Sustainability Award
2001 UK Solar Award
2001 Aluminium Imagination Award: Commendation
2000 British Construction Industry Award
2000 Nottingham Lord Mayor's Award
2000 Hot Dip Galvanising Award
University of Nottingham: National College for School Leadership
2003 RIBA Regional Award
Utopia, Broughton Hall
2007 Civic Trust Award
2006 RIBA Regional Award
2006 Georgian Group Architectural Awards: Giles Worsley Award for a New Building in a Georgian Context
2006 The Wood Awards: Highly Commended
2006 RIBA Regional Award: Yorkshire White Rose Award/Building of the Year
Wellcome Trust: Gibbs Building
2006 Art and Work Awards: Outstanding Contribution to Art in the Working Environment
2006 British Council for Offices: Corporate Workplace, London Regional Award
2005 RIBA Regional Award
2005 Structural Steel Design Award
Westminster Underground Station
2002 European Concrete Society: Network Building Prize
2002 Civic Trust Awards: London Regional Award
2001 RIBA Regional Award
2001 The Concrete Society: Award
2001 The Westminster Society Award
2000 Royal Fine Art Commission Trust: Millennium Building of the Year Award
2000 Civic Trust Award
2000 British Construction Industry Award
2000 Civic Trust Awards: Design Award
1997 British Construction Industry Award: Special Award
2002 Civic Trust Awards: DTLR Award for Design
Yale University: Kroon Hall, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
2011 Eco-Structures Annual Evergreen Awards: Ecommercial, New Construction Category
2011 Boston Society of Architects: Sustainable Design Award
2010 Associated General Contractors of Connecticut: Winner, 2010 Build Connecticut Awards
2010 Building Stone Institute: Tucker Design Award
2010 ACEC/MA Engineering Excellence Awards, Judges Award for Innovation in Sustainability
2010 ACEC/MA Engineering Excellence Awards, Silver Award
2010 AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE): Top Ten Award