Wellcome Trust: Gibbs Building

London, United Kingdom 2004

A new headquarters building brings 600 staff together in an inspiring, dynamic and comfortable workspace.


Value: £90 million
Size: 28,000 m²
Client: Wellcome Trust


The Wellcome Trust, had outgrown the disparate buildings, around its headquarters on the Euston Road, when the adjoining site became available.  A new building had to reconcile the different scales and textures of its context.

The building consists of two blocks of accommodation - one wider eight storey which faces Euston Road to the north and a narrower four storey parallel block to the south. Over both is a curving glazed roof, enveloping a generous atrium between. On the ground floor, through the main reception area, are large formal meeting rooms, linked by an internal street at the base of the atrium, within which the staff café, an information centre and informal meeting spaces fit.

Above, each floor of the northern block has five separate large flexible working floor areas. These are linked with break out spaces and double height 'mini atria' for casual interaction between team members. The narrower southern block offers more intimate space for individual offices. On its top floor, open to the roof and atrium, there is a restaurant with views across Bloomsbury.

Double skin, glazed façades create an environmental buffer between inside and out. Translucent glazed stair towers articulate the internal space.

The Wellcome Trust also refurbished its original 1930's building, the Wellcome Collection, directly to the east. It links directly into the new Headquarters and houses the public functions of the Trust, the Library and Exhibition, Lecture and Conference facilities.